Hi there! I am happy to share with you some of my content creation, digital marketing and copywriting work. Please click through the links below to see just a few of my various samples. 

  • Job Ad Rewrite for Medical company
    • By refreshing and rewriting our ads, I was able to appeal to a busy professional and get to the heart of what they are looking for in a new role.
    • I have also re-written benefits materials, copy for email and phone communication, and more.
  • Mailer
    • I wrote and designed this asset to increase relationship building and lead generation in our community.
    • Primary focus was on what appeals to the customer: imagery of teamwork and support in a bright, friendly atmosphere.
  • Ghost-Writing for Veterinarians
    • I am frequently asked to ghost-write for medical professionals.
  • Content Creation/Management for Influencer: Example 1 Example 2 Example 3
    • I write, edit and produce content for an instagram influencer with over 150k followers.

Additionally, I have directed photoshoots to generate photo assets for content creation with the correct brand image in mind, consulted with executive leadership on email copy, and more. I am eager to share more; thanks for stopping by!

 On your way out: interested in seeing my writing/production for stage and screen? Click here.


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